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From time-to-time we have items donated that we can use to raise money to help with activities and pay off the hangar mortgage.  If you are interested in any of the below items, please contact Steve Rossiter ( or Ralph Johns (




                                                  Waiex   Model A      


My Waiex (model A) project is being readied for sale. The airframe kit is complete, with exception of one or two aluminum angle pieces that were consumed for rework. The sales package includes the Jabiru 3300 engine, still pickled in the shipping crate, unopened, so it has not had the placard downgraded for LSA compliance. The only parts needed to complete the kit are the instruments, propeller, and upholstery, plus paint should the builder choose. The wings were inspected by an EAA technical advisor before closing. Lighting mounts have been incorporated into the wing structure, but the skins are intact, so lighting remains an option.  The package also includes a large parts bin, with all small parts and hardware sorted and labeled in bins.

 To date, I have invested approximately $31,000 in the airframe and engine. Any reasonable offer will be accepted. Jabiru engines from Arion are currently priced at $18,900, and the Waiex "B" airframe kit is priced at $24,995, and the quick-build kit (pre-built wings and fuselage) is $32,895. The minimum price for the equivalent Model "B" kit from Sonex, with engine, is about $44,000.

 Delivery terms are negotiable: the complete kit, engine, wings, parts bin, and 12-foot workbench built from the shipping pallet, which still contains the fuselage and empennage skins, fit into a 16-foot cargo trailer or rental truck.  The project is currently located in Shelton, Washington.

 The minimum price for the equivalent Model "B" kit from Sonex, with engine, is about $44,000. This is an opportunity to get a Waiex aircraft partially built, with engine, for less than the price of a quick-built kit, without engine, from Sonex.  The conversion kit to Model B would involve reworking the wing root ribs only: the conversion kit is about $10,000 from Sonex.  The primary difference between the "A" and "B" models is a slightly larger instrument panel.


Larye Parkins

600 Turner Ave.

Shelton, WA 98584

Phone: (M) 360 426 1718 




For more pictures and information go to: 


Croix  HVLP  Spray  System  

I've got an HVLP spray system for sale - Croix CX-10 Turbine. I'm thinking a builder might want it for priming or maybe the finish paint.  I've never used it, assume it works. Asking $150. It's in my hangar at MSO if anyone wants to check it out. 



Bryan Douglass, P.E.

Douglass, Inc.
406-543-9612 (ofc)
406-544-9612 (cell)



































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